In 21st century, Internet marketing or online marketing is an indispensible part of business marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, internet marketing is something new! It’s something completely different!

This is how searches happen online!

You got a problem Or Don’t know how something works or You wish to purchase a product online? No Problems!

The top reasons why your business should have an online presence:

Internet marketing refers to the usage of Web and e-mail to drive sales or sales lead from websites or emails. Internet marketing is used in conjunction with traditional marketing like television, radio, news papers or magazines.

Internet marketing can be future broken down into following more specialized areas :

Internet marketing is an essential tool for any kind of business. When you spend money on online marketing, you want to ensure that it is spent on an effective type of advertising. Tracking online marketing efforts is often much easier than trying to track other types of marketing.

Try it, Measure it, Improve it!

How to measure effectiveness of Online Marketing?

Lastly the Enquiries and Sales and Revenues determine the effectiveness of Online Marketing

If you’re not there, you’re not there.